Monday, January 5, 2009

No more blogging for me

Okay I just thought I would put it on here that Facebook is the new Blogspot. That is why I don't post new things on here. GO TO FACEBOOK

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Colorado Videos

I finally got around to putting some of my hunting footage from the last few hunts. These first three are from Colorado.

This is the one I should have shot but didn't.

Coyote #1. Lucky Coyote got away cause my dumb muzzle loader didn't go off. 3 times. He is 40 yards broad side behind this bush from the camera at the begining.

Coyote #2 . This lucky coyote escapes because I forget to shoot low at 20 yards. I'm sighted in for 100.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Colorado Trip

We just got back from our Colorado trip this last week. Things were a little different this year. there was a woman in camp. I would have been a little uncomfortable but it happened to be my wife (thanks guys). We had a blast. I am glad she got to come up there and see what I do for a week every year in the back woods or Colorado. Now she can know what I am talking about when I tell her my stories. She was a good sport to put up with the long hikes, lack of modern conveniences and all the typical stuff that men do. I am glad we got to be up there together honey.
Most days we hunted from my deer blind. Amy liked reading books from her bedroll with hot chocolate and warm noodles from the thermos. I told her typically I would be sitting in the brush or just walking around most of the day. It was fun to chill out cause usually I don't have the patience to just sit somewhere.

On the next to last day Amy decided to sleep in saying she was bad luck for me and asked me to go out and try to get one. I ended up shooting this little two point so we could have some backstraps for dinner. I had passed up on a few nice bucks earlier in the week that I was kicking myself for passing on but this happened to be the last buck I saw.

I need to shut my big mouth

So it has become part of my day to check on my wife's blog and I really have grown to enjoy hearing her thoughts and views on our family's on goings. I have also developed the habit of giving her a hard time when she hasn't updated it in awhile. The other day as I was in the process of doing just that when she says to me, "Why don't you update your blog? I would enjoy hearing your thoughts and perspective on things to." So I thought about that and made a pre new years resolution that I will try to update my blog regularly. Not once a year.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm really not to good at this blogging stuff.

We had our annual javelina hunt last weekend. It didn't go so well as far as shooting pigs. I think we saw a total of four or five pigs out of the ten of us hunting. I called up six coyotes but only got one shot off with my pistol at about 60 yards running (yeah I missed). We had more fun just shooting the bull around the campfire than actually hunting this year. Our little hunting hole has run dry it seems. I need to do better about pics. Sorry maybe next time. In fact I know next time there will be pics cause the girls are coming on our turkey hunt. Im out!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I emailed everyone about sending me hunting pictures and this is what I got back. You poachers!